Zach LaVine Will Undergo Surgery (Video Surgery), Will This Change His Game?

Zach Lavine Will Undergo Surgery, Will it change his game?

Minnesota Timberwolves is primed for a good season with young players doing so well. The Timberwolves future is brighter than ever. Then came the injury of Zach Lavine, the 21-year-old high flyer and scorer who this year has been averaging a season high of 18.9 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

Timberwolves is once again missing a critical part of their rotation. We do not know how long  Zach will be on the sideline but we do know that he is having an operation to reconstruct the ACL on his left knee on February 14.

Derrick Rose had an ACL injury, now Zach. Do you think it will change his game?

While we are waiting for this young man to recover, let's watch how an ACL reconstruction surgery is done.

Now that you are grossed out, and you probably did not finish the video above, here is a video of Zach LaVine's impossible dunks, just to make it up to you.

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