5 Reasons Why Ginebra Will Win Game 4

Ginebra Never Say Die Spirit

San Miguel Beermen is now on top of the series and this Friday, at game 4 of the finals series they could potentially take a demanding lead to 3-1. To date, SMB is the only team who has ever recovered from the 1-3 deficit.

They know how difficult it is to win 3 games in a row and they will try their best to put Ginebra back against the rugged wall to control the series on Friday.

Game statistics is a toss up but if you watch the game closer you would see some specific reasons as to why either of the team could win. However, in the birds eye view of the game, you will realize that both teams are grilling each other and are closely contending each and every critical statistics.

Both of the teams were shooting above 45% last game, although Ginebra gave away 29 free throw attempts which may have cost them the game.

Here are 5 reasons why we think Ginebra will win Game 4.

1. LA Tenorio Will Take Charge -  The  2016 PBA Governors' Cup MVP had a decent game 3 but he might need to do more in order for them to comeback and win. All signs show that Tenorio is heading that direction. With 5 points in the first game, 15 points in the second game and 16 point in the last, we have a feeling that we are bracing for a monster game coming from the veteran point guard anytime soon and game 4 will be the perfect time for it.

2. Young Guns Firing at Will - Rookie playing like a veteran, Ferrer has two good games in a row having 21 and 15 points for games 2 and 3 respectively. He could be one of the key players of the series as his recent contributions were a big factor. He will continue to put up key statistics and hit crucial shots as he did last game.

3. Critical Bench Points - SMB Beermen relied so much on their first five, scoring majority of the points but on the other hand Ginebra collected 41 points from the bench which is half of the total  points of game 3. At some point SMB's first five will get tired and they would need their bench to step up. With Ginebra's bench players getting minutes and converting critical possessions, this would give them an edge down the stretch.

4. Tim Cone Experience: - The most decorated coach in the PBA surely sees the gaps and what adjustments needs to be made. He has done in time and again and as long as he is able to execute the game plan it is but almost certain that Ginebra will be able to come back and tie the series.

5. Doing it for the Fans - More than ever, the fans are holding on and expecting a championship from their beloved team. This commitment from the fans resonate to the players. The whole Barangay is counting on their team to prevail and the motivation and the inspiration of the Gin players should be high as ever. Now is the time to live by the saying "Never Say Die".

Please share us your reasons as to why Ginebra would win game 4 or the series?

*Tomorrow we will create an article for The Reasons Why SMB Will be the Champions. 

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