Durant in A Wheelchair - Draymond Updates On KD | Cavs Adding More Guns

In this video from NBA Skyline: 

Chris Broussard talks about the upcoming Warriors struggles and the Cavaliers becoming the favorites Draymond Green updates us on Kevin Durant 
Deron Williams after his first game as a Cavalier 
LeBron James and Kyrie Irving praise Deron Williams
The NBA just got a lot more interesting, we can be sure that KD will bounce back as soon as possible, but this now opens a crack in the Golden State monstrosity, a crack that a lot of teams will now do their best to use and abuse. The beard, Spurs and even Clippers are now true contenders for the West, especially if KD comes in late/never comes in at all. And we've got a maxed out Cleveland waiting in the finals.

LeBron "whined", but he also won. He got what he asked for, maybe not exactly, but still, he got help. A D.Will, another D.Will, a Korver and a Bogut. All of those new additions are sure to get some real minutes with LeBron and Kyrie cruising and of course swish and Love out for another month or so...

NBA Skyline

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