Game Recap: 8 Reasons Why Ginebra Lost Game 3 to SMB

Fajardo Dominates Game 3

There is no cooking show in the PBA, only straight action packed basketball and real hardcore and hard court drama. By now, we all know that Ginebra lost to San Miguel Beermen yesterday with the score of 99-88. Game 3 was crucial for both teams as whoever wins will not only get a 1 game lead but could also gain a boost in their morale.

Last night's game was intense as ever even in the dying seconds when Ross has totally snubbed Ginebra and still took his last unnecessary three point shot and further stretched the score gap.  

Here are 8 reasons why Ginebra lost game 3 to SMB:

1.3rd Quarter Woes: Another meltdown in the 3rd quarter, looks like Ginebra didn't seem like coming to the court after half-time (and hasn't learned from last time). Although they managed to win last game from a lousy 3rd quarter play, this time SMB finished the job.

2. Defense - in the second half was unsteady: They gave away a total of 55 points in the second half while they only yielded 39 points. To say the least, Ginebra was lacking the same ferocity that they had in the first half.

3. A lot free Free Throws - Ginebra gave 29 free throws and SMB was able to convert 21 of them to points. On the other hand, the Barangay was limited to only 11 free throw opportunities in which they bricked more than half of the free shots (5/11 FT).

4. The Kraken Dominated:  17 points, 18 rebounds 3 block shots. Fajardo is back after a dismal showing in the second game. He finally figured out how to elude if not just power thru double teaming defense of Ginebra. He was a beast last night and if he continues to play this way then we all know ho will be the Philippine Champion this year.

5. Mighty Joe No More: After a productive game 2, the mighty Joe who is playing injured may have finally given in. It's already tough that you are playing hurt, even harder if you are the one making things happen for the team. Devance who was instrumental last game only finished with 6 points with 3 of 11 shooting, that's 27%.

6. One-Two Punch Combo Guards by SMB: Cabagnot and Ross was the better backcourt last night with 53% shooting percentage and 44 combined points. These guards were practically unstoppable. The Ginebra guards were no match. What's even worse is Mercado was not himself with 5 points and a measly 22% FG percentage.

7. Scottie Not Too Hottie: Mr. Triple Double played 30 minutes last night but his usual contribution was to no existence. The rebounding guard was marked last night and was unable to do as he pleased only grabbing a meager 4 rebounds and scoring 8 points. He was practically disabled by the SMB.

8. SMB First Five Was Solid: No reshuffling needed as SMB first five clicked like a well oiled machine. Cabagnot, Ross, Lassiter, Fajardo and Santos basically played all the minutes of the game and everyone had a great game and their energy was up in the ceiling as they never stopped pounding Ginebra until the dying seconds.

Game 4 is just around the corner and we have a gut feeling that Ginebra will bounce back strong. After yet again another setback in the second half, Tim Cone and his team will be more wary about their second half performance.

Watch game 4 this Friday at the Araneta Colisuem.

What's your judgement of game 3?

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