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5 Very Young Children Making Their Way to MMA / BOXING World

Some children commonly choose singing and dancing as an early career, but check out these kids who started making names in the world of Boxing and MMA even when they were still young.

Here are the list of 5 amazing children who excelled early in their chosen sports.

5. Grandy Twins

Daniel and Steven Grandy have been in boxing since 2. They used to work out in the park surrounded by boxing gyms with their boxer father Danny. These two young boxing prodigies from West Philly showed their interest and passion that's why their father decided to train with them every weekend. Since they were four, their videos giving some hard punches has gained many likes and they even caught the attention of a boxing analyst. Their Instagram followers reached 43,000 and also 16,000 likes in Facebook. Last August 26 2016 at 8 yrs old, they won their first belt at Clarion Hotel in Philadelphia. Now Danny limits the twins training because he didn't want to burn them in sports to just three times a week and just one sparring day and also to give time to their school work.

4. Javon Walton

Javon "Wanna" Walton spends a lot of time in gymnastics that helped his balance and strength. He started boxing at 4 years old, but showed his interest as early as 2 years old. He is travelling around the globe for different boxing tournaments in his division. He trains 32 hrs per week and punch, 2000 punches per day. His biggest inspiration is Muhammad Ali, and he plans on becoming the next great world champion in his era. Like him, his two older brothers are also in Team Onward boxing. He is the youngest Under Armour athlete, a RX Smart Gear athlete. He was personally picked  by the CEO because of his skills and achievements in both gymnastics and boxing. His hard work and love for sports took him to become the State Champion in both sports, he is 2# in the nation. But not just that, he is also a straight "A" student.

3. Nijee 

Training with his father Randy, Nijee "The Future" takes the gloves and started to throw punches at the age of 4. His video hitting pads shows how serious his skill is at his young age went viral. A hand speed that is considered the fastest in the history for the age of 5, adding some head movement, hook blocking and razor-sharp jabs caught the attention of the famous individuals in boxing. Although Nijee didn't fight for an official match yet, his father let him to have training sessions with other older kids and real opponents and this young boxing phenom can score KO. Eveyone is looking forward to every step this young boy will take in boxing industry for he is becoming the world champion like his favorite fighter of all time, Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson.

2. Ryusei Imai 

Ryusei Imai is considered as "Baby Bruce Lee" because of his impressive imitation of the great Bruce Lee. He caught the attention of many people online while performing the nun chucks scene in one of Lee's movie, Game of Death. This six year old kid can do one finger push ups and 360 spinning kicks and an expert nun chucks user. Ryusei really wanted to be Bruce Lee. This talented young boy watched every movie of the most influential martial artist in the last century. He started watching Lee's movies at one year old, started practicing nun chuck at three years old and at four, people believes that he is the incarnation of Bruce Lee. His father Ryuji Imai is helping him to learn. 

1. Evnika Saadvakass

The 9 year old Evnika shocked the world with her skills and speed in boxing. She was trained together with her siblings in the woods near their home in the morning and in the evening by their father Rustram Saadvakass who is a professional boxer as he believes discipline teaches courage and perseverance. Her father noticed that she can throw 47 punches in 30 seconds with one hand when she was 4 years old. She is giving so much attention in her strict training. She's also using a training tool  invented by her father and was named after her, the Evnik simulator can condition her body and helps to increase speed and mobility. The physical training plus the training tool, helped her gain amazing strength that you can almost feel in her videos. Her video showcasing her talent also went viral and won internet fame.



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