#TeamLive vs. #TeamBahay on Watching a Basketball Game

Here are the list of what #TeamBahay feels when watching basketball game:

1. You can also cheer for your favorite player.
Watching on television is the same as watching live in terms of cheering. But there are some instances that you won't able to shout your love and support  out loud because your little brother might sleeping beside you or you may have a neighbor who is allergic to noise.

2. You can multi-task while watching.
You can do household chores or you can look after your siblings while watching. You can also update the standings from time to time because you have all the time in the world.

3. It is more practical to watch the game on television.
When you aren't that rich when it comes to buying tickets, you can save your money for some more important things you have to spend to.

4.You can eat whatever you want.
It is given that when you are inside the stadium/coliseum anything that's being sold there might just cost like gold. Buying drinks when you're watching live could be equal to buying a meal outside.

5. You can feel the tension too, but not that extreme.
Those commercials that are present between the quarters could help lessen the tension you feel when watching via televison. Unlike when your watching live there's no commercial breaks that might ruin the thrill.

On the other hand, #TeamLive says the it's more fun watching it live:

1.You feel that you are floating from happiness.
Being in the same moment watching their live game for the first time feels like you're in heaven screaming and shouting for their names especially when your favorite player takes a notice on you.

2.You have the chance to meet those people who are also deeply in love with basketball.
You have the opportunity to make new friends and meet your co-fans. Cheer together like you're both stage mom and dads cheering for their children and no one can stop you from clamor your genuine support.

3.You have a chance to personally meet your idols.
It is indeed one of the real perks of watching a basketball game live. You have the opportunity to mingle with your basketball heroes and have a selfie or an autograph after every game.

4.There is No Commercial Break.
You can feel the intensity of the game uninterruptedly. Like it's the most breathtaking moment you ever experienced in your life.

5.You have a "Built-in" Basher in you.
It is common when the game is too close between the two playing teams, the supporters are also being affected that may sometimes cause an unexpected rumble and trashtalking. Makes your live experience a more memorable one!

Are you #TeamBahay or #TeamLive? 

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