Top 10 NBA Rookies Of The 2016-17 Season, Who do you think will win it?

There is no shortage of young talents in the NBA.

The rookie batch may not have the biggest impact this year but certainly, these rookies had a bright future ahead of them, minus the injuries.

Check out the Top 10 Rookies In The NBA Of The 2016-17 Season! 

This year, there are some very good, maybe soon to be great, nba rookies playing significant minutes around the league. During the first months of the 2017 NBA Season Joel Embiid was without a doubt the favorite for the Rookie Of The Year Award but due to his injury in January the award might be given to an other NBA Rookie. Here are the Top 10 Rookies In The NBA 2017: Dario Saric, Malcolm Brogdon, Joel Embiid, Brandon Ingram, Buddy Hield, Jamal Murray and Jaylen Brown.

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