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What if LeBron Leaves Cleveland Again? KD is Back and More...

LeBron James and KD, two of the best basketball players in the planet is the hot topic for this conversation.

The video will talk about potential scenarios and updates for KD, LeBron and more...

What will happen to the Cavaliers if they fail to win another ring this year, especially if they fail to even make the Finals?

Where could he even go? It's much more likely that the roster gets stirred up around LeBron and it might be Love...then again Kevin Love is getting traded every few months as far as the media is concerned...

But come on - imagine a PG13 in Cleveland... It's exaclty what the team needs to compete in the next few years, Paul George is an amazing defender and he is only 26, Kyrie just turned 25, TT and Shump are 26 - overall they will be an amazing Cavaliers core to enter their primes as the King starts to show his age.

A team that will be able to rise up and compete with Golden State for the next few years.

Moving on with Kevin Durant, played thirty one minutes in his first game back, thirty one! Admittedly it was agaisnt a very hurt Pelicans team, but still. Durant looked well out there, played great defense, still efficient, he's essentially back it in. Warriors claim that there will be no issues with reintegrating him back and that they are very anxious for the playoffs.

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