Will Kevin Durant Move to Another Team Again Next Season?

KD is in The Open Market Again After This Season

And just like that we are once again closing in on another great season and another free agency frenzy is beaconing.

Kevin Durant is enjoying his first year as part of the Golden State Warriors. Although he has encountered an injury recently, his style of play blended well with the number one team in the west and it is looking like they are prime once again for another finals appearance.

Warriors are focusing right now in the playoffs but the management is certainly aware that Kevin Durant who signed a 2-year agreement with an opt-out clause in the second round can choose to opt out especially if things don't work out as planned.

Kevin is due to make around 28 million dollars next year, not that it's a lot of money but there is certainly more money to make in the free agency market.

Kevin Durant has been vocal that he wanted to stay in the Bay Area and you can expect him to do so especially if they get the crown this year.

Do you think KD will stay in Golden State?