Coach Roach Not Satisfied with Manny Pacquiao Maybe a Scheme for the Enemy

Have you seen Manny Pacquiao recently?

In the midst of training against his Australian foe, Jeff Horn fans flock at the Elorde Gym to watch Manny train and all we can say is that this 38 year old senator is a workhorse.

Juggling work, appointments, and responsibilities are hard tasks. And for some reason, Manny Pacquiao is able to handle it for a long time and manage it very well. he will not be in this standing for nothing.

A successful person inside and outside the ring, Manny has his work cut out for him this coming June as he proves to the world that he can still box and box well at this stage of his career. The fighting senator is at the tail end of his career and while the challenge ahead is not as big as everyone thinks, the real challenge for Manny is himself and time.  The 8 division champ has spent a lot of time inside the ring, and sooner or later, the effect of those punches could take a toll on the aging body of the great champion.

Freddie's arrival

Conflicting reports on his long-time coach comments regarding the condition of Pacquiao has surfaced. On social media and news, many have seen and commented how well conditioned Manny Pacquiao is and that includes Roach, however, there are also reports that he is not satisfied at all with the way the boxer is performing on his training.

Roach knows Manny and he knows him best and while this is not the first time that the outspoken trainer has commented against Manny and we are thinking that this may just be a plot to mislead the opponents camp.

Whatever others may have reported, all we can say is that we still impressed with the conditioning of Manny and how he is still dedicated to making himself better. But hey, who are we to comment.

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