Derrick Rose Might be on the Move Again, Potential Landing Spot?

Derrick Rose isn't exactly the way he was. During his MVP year, no one would ever think about trading him but all of that changed when his body showed signs of wear and tear and he was sidelined for most of the time because of injuries.

It's not always all about talent and skill, it's also about durability and longevity and Derrick Rose is surely a suspect in those areas.

Recently played for the New York Knicks where he had a decent run, he might be on the move again and according to ESPN there are teams that are still interested in getting him.

Per ESPN's Ian Begley, the Minnesota Timberwolves see Derrick Rose "as a potential free-agent target" when the market opens in July.

Begley also reported the San Antonio Spurs "may have interest in Rose depending on how the free-agent market for point guards develops."

There is a good upside in having Rose but there are bigger risks particularly because he is injury prone.

The Spurs had injury issues in the playoffs and while it is reported that they are interested in the service of the former MVP, it is not particularly exciting to even entertain an idea of a player like Rose, regardless of how good he is.

The Timberwolves on the other hand maybe looking to shake things up and make changes, like what they did with their colors and uniforms. Having a group of promising young guys, Timberwolves might let go of Ricky Rubio whose potentials and expectations has not been really met.  Given that the current coach of the Wolves Tom Thibodeau was the previous coach of Rose during his MVP days, the Wolves is an interesting place for him to land on.

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