CJ De Tomas Lost in UFC Debut but Showed Heart and Promise

CJ has been a household name in Philippine MMA Community. So when the young MMA fighter got the news that he will be fighting in the UFC, everyone got excited.

Fast forward today, the MMA community was in full support to watch the Golden Boy show his talent in the UFC. Faced against another undefeated fighter, Japanese Naoki Inoue (11-0) in a flyweight battle.

CJ got a tough challenge ahead. 

CJ De Tomas who came in also undfeated struggled to make weight (131 lbs) and had to forfeit a portion of his purse. At 20, CJ is a growing man and to make the 125 lb flyweight limit might be too difficult for him.

The fight starts: With chills in my spine and excitement. The fight Between Naoki Inoue and CJ De Tomas started. Both fighters looked as if they were both veterans in the cage as they scrambled to the ground countering each other with submission moves after another. Inoue showed quickness and great ground game as he forces De Tomas to defend.  The first round ended with CJ grasping for air. 

The second round was the same story as the slick Japanese was tremendous on the ground, switching and turning and taking the back of CJ with ease.  De Tomas who was in defensive mode most of the time, showed great defense and an amazing fighting spirit as he endured a last minute arm bar that looks to break his arm.

The third round came in with Inoue still looking fresh and was moving more against CJ who looks a bit tired and flat footed. The fight went on and the two fighters once again ended on the ground with Inoue taking offense and De Tomas on defense. Later on the round, De Tomas was able to reverse the position and had a brief moment of success, even attempting a choke of his own. 

It was a grueling fight that has to end in a decision. Both men showed grit but today the Japanese came on top winning via unanimous decision with the score of 30-26 from all 3 judges. 

CJ De Tomas suffered his first loss as an MMA fighter but showed that he has the skill and the heart to compete in the highest level of Mixed Martial Arts.