Lakers Trades their 2015 Number 2 Draft, What Will They Do this Year?

There will be a changing of the guards this year and the Lakers are leading the pack. They are set to pick Lonzo Ball but there is also a big possibility that he can be traded.

The Lakers is thinking long term and every move that they are doing is basically in preperation for Paul George.

The Lakers hold the No. 2 pick for the third year in a row. Before selecting D'Angelo Russell in 2015 and Brandon Ingram in 2016, they hadn't picked as high as second since selecting James Worthy first overall in 1982. Last year's selection of Ingram was the franchise's fifth pick ever in the lottery (1985-present). The Lakers selected Eddie Jones with the 11th pick in 1994, chose Andrew Bynum with the 10th pick in 2005 and tapped Julius Randle with the seventh pick in 2014.

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