My Internship Story: The Summer I Will Never Forget (An Intern's Experience at Powcast)

All of it was not what I had expected it to be. The challenge, the experience and that media room in the near end. It all turned out to be so fulfilling. Thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for this summer that will forever be part of my history. Thank you

At first, I was hesistant. The thought of writing sports news and articles all through out summer lowered my confidence. I had even excluded in the choices of where I am going to do my internship. But there goes me, the boy who ran out of choices. So I guess, I'm going to take it then. Since my friend has also been nagging me and that we should all go and hurriedly start our internship so that we finish by the end of the summer.

When our first meeting happened, I was so scared. I'm like, "God, how am I going to face the task that Sir Pow has given us?" And yes, by the end of the meeting, the basketball task was given to me. The most loved sport here in the Philippines. Yes, I am going to write basketball news everyday. I have never been interested in basketball, in sports generally. So I said to myself, "Hold on, you'll soon finish and get this over with."

Terms used in basketball were so not in my vocabulary, so how am I going to write 2-3 articles a day? How am I going to get through this? The first days were very hard. When I started it was the basketball league of the Philippines and the US that I am going to write. But then I was assigned to write and focus more on NBA. The pressure is high, because it was so immense to the point that it frightened me. So I read every news after every game and get what's useful and put it in my article. And that saved me through the day. And somehow I got to understand the flow of the game, and actually enjoyed it.

Covering events was certainly a different story. EDSA is the witness to our exciting journey into going to events. It was so uplifting, getting to cover legitimate events. We went to press conferences, a baseball game, an MMA event and a boxing game among others. Covering events gave me the luxury to try new things I've never tried before. But what I am going to treasure the most and I think the highlight of my internship is covering the whole SEABA 2017 Championship which was held here in the Philippines.

Everything that happened in SEABA was like a dream. Getting to cover the basketball games in line with the other writers of prominent news sites and newspapers. The media room gave me butterflies in the stomach. I thought to myself, "This is the dream". I would never trade it for anything else. I am so happy that I took that opportunity because it made me feel that I am a doing good as a writer that's why I was there. That fueled my dream more of becoming a writer. Imagine, me covering not just one day but 5 days of SEABA. I get to feel five days of genuineness as a writer and it was totally fulfilling.

I am so happy that all of these happened to me. I will treasure that and keep it with me forever. I am very thankful to Sir Pow, Ma'am Chance and all of the people that I have met during my stay at This opportunity that I was afraid of taking at first turned to be a very wonderful story. I hope I get to meet all of you again in the future when I became a writer someday!

Thank you for the 200 hours of adventure!


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