Paul George to the Lakers, Boston or to Stay? Why the Indiana Pacers Should Trade Him

The Indiana Pacers got a lot of thinking to do now that Paul George has only one year left on his contract. The threat is real and Paul George's interest in playing for the Los Angeles is one that is biggest right now.

Paul George is playing great basketball recently and has proven that he can and will continue to grow as a basketball player.  Paul George has averaged 23 points per game last season, although he has not made the All-NBA team selection. His skills and contributions are not far. If he continues to play for the Pacers and in the upcoming season, the Pacers may lose him to other interested teams and may choose to sign up else where.

If they trade him right now, they could potentially get a good return, especially that Paul George has not committed any long term plans for Indiana.  A viable potential trade is with Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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