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Potential Trade: It's Fultz NOT Ball for the Lakers

Lakers has been, well not the Lakers for years.

Last season, they once again finished at the bottom of the standing and the fans simply deserved more. 

This season, Lakers has a chance to really change for the better. The number 2 draft overall is in their possession and they have a number of pawns to make some big league shaking move.

A lot of news on Lakers picking Lonzo Ball and the standout from UCLA wanted the same. Unfortunately, Lakers President Magic Johnson is probably thinking of someone else in Markelle Fultz. 

After the two prospect workouts with the Lakers, we have been hearing that Lakers was not impressed with Lonzo and Markelle Fultz is the better choice. 

According to sources, they are even willing to trade The number 2 pick and Julius Randle just to get Fultz.

What do you think about this move?



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