Carmelo Anthony Had Enough and Doesn't Want to Return to the Knicks, Whats Next?

Melo Put Pressure on the Knicks!


Carmelo Anthony had his mind set and will not talk to the Knicks and reconsider playing with them for one more year.  It is a total show of power from Carmelo Anthony.

It's not that the Knicks wants Carmelo back, but they necessarily have no choice because the teams that Melo wanted to be traded with is not giving them a fair deal.  We are all aware that Melo wants to win a championship and a deal to a non championship contender will certainly not be welcomed by the star player.

Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers were the front runners and the destination of choice of Melo but with complications and uneven deals, the Knicks are just not pulling the trigger yet and is exploring different options like convincing him to stay or to move to other teams.

We have a bad feeling that this may drag on further to training camp and if it happens the New York Knicks camp will be the most awkward place in the whole NBA.

The Knicks may be forced to make a move that they might not like to salvage the situation. One thing that we have learned from this situation however is to not ever give a no trade clause to a player again.

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