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Carmelo Anthony Really Wants Out, Other Teams Aside from Cavs and Rockets are now on the Table

Cavaliers and Rockets are not giving enough value in exchange for Melo thus Negotiation was put to Halt.

Season 8 of Melo Drama could continue in New York. 

At 33 years of age, Carmelo Anthony is in the twilight of his career and this could be his last chance to make things happen. However, New York Knicks is getting in a way for him to play on a championship contender team like Cavs and Rockets. Knicks put a hold on negotiations as they feel they are not getting enough value in return for Melo.

Carmelo Anthony has been a scorer all his life. In 14 years he has scored above 20 points average each and every year.  There is no question about the ability of Carmelo Anthony to score. This makes him a very viable candidate to a lot of teams.

One thing though that he has not achieved is to win a championship and looks like it would be his agenda at the tail end of his career. He reportedly wants to play for either the Cavaliers or the Rockets for obvious reasons.  Both teams have the best chance of winning the title.

Knicks, however, is not about to let go of their franchise player without getting a good value hence they might just consider keeping him for one more season if other teams would not give them a good deal.

This would mean another season of drama in New York and another opportunity lost for Melo to win a championship. There is no way the Knicks would win a championship next season.

Melo is basically in control of where he would be traded because of the no-trade clause. For the same reason, Knicks has limited options and might just end up keeping him for another year.

Melo is only interested in waiving the no trade clause if he will be traded to a team that he is interested in playing for.  Knicks is now trying to convince Melo to consider other teams.

Aside from the Cavaliers and Rockets, which team do you think would be a great fit for Melo?



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