Lamar Odom Shares Heart-Wrenching Story of His Addiction, Downfall and Family Struggles

Lamar Odom at 37 was a basketball star. He spent fourteen years in the NBA and was considered one of the early big men who can play inside and outside. He was what many other players then wanted to be.  His success inside and outside the court was unparalleled and he was getting a lot of attention and fame in his life until drugs took it from him.

Fast forward today Lamar Odom is on the road to recovery but it is unclear if he is winning the battle against his addictions. Recently, TMZ reported that family and friends of Lamar are worried that he is back on drugs again after seeing some drug paraphernalia at his residence.

Lamar Odom's story is one of many stories of athletes whose fallout came because of drugs, and while we do not understand why other after him are still lured into doing the same thing is beyond us. The Lamar Odom story is bound to continue and while we wish him all the best in his struggles, we are afraid that he might end up boxing himself out and his story might end in tragedy.

courtesy of Players Tribune

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