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LeBron James Convinced Derrick Rose to Sign with Cavs

Cavaliers moved fans after finding out that their star point guard wants to leave.
Derrick Rose is one of those high risk but big potential free agent. It is one of the reasons why he wasnt getting the right offer until today. The former MVP believed that he is still a starter but the rest of the NBA teams were looking at him as back up. 
The sudden news about Kyrie Irving came as a blessing to Rose who is looking to continue his stardom and he found that opportunity along side another MVP. Cleveland Cavaliers' move became clear and it was critical for them to make a move immedietly. The Cavs management even got the help from their true franchise player name LeBron James and not Kyrie.
According to reports the deal is at 2.1 million for one year. While it isn't all shiney, the prospect of playing at staring point guard may have convinced Rose. 
Do you think it's a good move by the Cavs?



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