Move over Curry, Harden Just Got Record Breaking Salary (1 Billion Pesos)

James Harden is cooking in Houston and Rockets is liking it. They will pay the NBA player a record breaking 228,000,000 million dollars for 4 years, even better than what the biggest contract given to Curry at 5-year, $201 million.

The amount that Harden is getting equates to 3 million peso a day, wait what?

Here is the computation in dollars.

4 years = $228,000,000
1 year = $57,000,000
1 game = $695,122
1 quarter = $173,780
1 minute = $14,481
1 second = $241

"Since he arrived in Houston, James has exhibited the incredible work ethic, desire to win, and passion to be the best that has made him one of the most unique and talented superstars in the history of the game,Additionally, the commitment he has shown to our organization, the City of Houston, and Rockets fans all over the world makes him a perfect leader in our pursuit of another championship."
- Rockets owner Leslie Alexander said in the team's statement. 

There is not a lot of things to say here but Harden is the man!

What do you think about James Harden's contract?

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