Stanley Pringle and Coach Franz Pumaren in a Heated Clash, While Court Side Reporter Apple David Nervously Watched

Stanley Pringle and Coach Franz Pumaren Heated Verbal Exchange

It's very that rare you see players answer back to their coach, especially during a game and in front of thousands of viewers.  Last night, Coach Pumaren was obviously upset as his team was trailing against Ginebra and his boys were not just going back to defense.  Stanley Pringle was one of the players on the receiving end of the tirade of the frustrated coach and unfortunately, Stanley Pringle was also snappish and was having none of the surly words of Coach and figured he would throw the towel in front of everyone and push his teammates.

Pringle was able to get back from the game after apologizing and the two professionals went on to finish the game but lost.

Here's the heated conversation between the two. Also, notice court side reporter Apple David quietly and nervously gauging the situation. Girl, please get away from there for your own sake.

Video from Sports 5.

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