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Twist and Turn: Are They Still Trading Kevin Love Now?

Love is still not a sure bet to stay in Cleveland even after the Kyrie issue

A few months ago, Kevin Love was the most likely player to be shipped away by the Cavaliers but that changed after Kyrie Irving suddenly announced that he wants to be traded.

Kevin Love at 28 years old is a decent player but he wasn't the player that they expected him to be after they let go of their rookie Andrew Wiggins in exchange for him.  Kevin's scoring dropped down to 10 points in his first year wearing the Cavs uniform. From 26 points to 16 points average. He had the same average in his second year and improve last season with 19 points but still could have been better. Last year was his best season with the Cavs and was assumed to be the last especially after rumors around acquiring Carmelo Anthony, Paul George or Jimmy Butler surfaced. But this was all scraped now as a new pressing matter has revealed itself.

Kyrie wants a to be traded. The news upset LeBron, but Love was chill about the situation and even posted how amazing life is.  He may have dodged a potential trade scenario because of Kyrie, but it does not mean that he is 100% safe from being traded away.

Below was the conversation two weeks ago.



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