Update on 2017 1st Pick Overall Draft Pick Markelle Fultz, Predicted They Will Make the Playoffs

Markelle Fultz' physical injury didn't dampen his confidence

There were a lot of expectations for Markelle Fultz coming into the NBA. Being the number one pick has its incentives and together with it are expectations but the young guard is confident.

July 8 at NBA Summer League, after showing Sixers fans what to expect from him in the previous games he got into an injury which silenced the crowd as they nervously watched the gingerly walking Markell Fultz get up from a collision.

Still a lot of time ahead of the NBA season Markelle Fultz is reportedly back on a 100 percent and was feeling a lot better.

"Rehab’s going real great,"  "My ankle’s a lot better thanks to the training staff. I give big props to them, one of the best in the business. I’ve been jumping, shooting, everything like that, so I’m real healthy, so I’m happy." Fultz 
Nothing to worry about for Sixers fans as their star rookie is back and confident and even announced that the Sixers will make it to the playoffs.

Will Sixers be in the playoffs?


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