Zach Randolph's Feelings was Hurt and the Reason Why He Signed with Sacramento

There is no question that Zach Randolph was one of the players that gave Grizzlies the identity of being a grit and grind team. His rough and inside game became a signature and the Grizzlies became a consistent playoffs team in the NBA.  The Grizzlies made it to the playoffs 7 out of 8 seasons Zach played for them.

Now at 35, the Grizzlies management is looking to change its direction and did not offer the star forward a contract, hence Randolph ended up in Sacramento.

From the outside it looks like everything was mutual but according to a few reliable articles, Randolph was hurt because the Grizzlies did not even attempt to offer anything.

Randolph averaged 14 points and 8 rebounds from 24 minutes of play. A good stat line if you ask me. The Kings thinks that Zach can still be a productive player and offered him $24 million for 2 years. Sacramento traded away their star power forward Cousins last season and Zach is looking to fill that spot this year.

The Grizzlies already shipped Vince Carter out and I won't be surprised if Tony Allen would also go.

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