Cleveland Cavaliers is Asking too much, Wants Brown and Tatum added on Kyrie Trade

Cleveland Cavaliers wants more after already getting 4 players

In the verge of the Isaiah Thomas issue, Cleveland Cavalier suddenly wants more.

Due diligence should always be part of all negotiations and in this case, Cleveland Cavaliers may have failed to do it for this trade. It was recently reported that Isaiah Thomas' injury maybe more serious than what they already knew and wanted to have either Rookie Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown.

Cleveland Cavaliers already got Ante Zizic, a 20-year-old 7 footer center, Jae Crowder a reliable wingman who can play both 3 and 4. He is also averaging double digits scoring,  a first round pick for 2018 and Isaiah Thomas for one guy by the name of Kyrie Irving.

While Kyrie definitely got some upsides, giving away either Brown and Tatum is just too much. 

Cleveland Cavaliers who is currently already stacked with a deep bench still wants more and maybe is acting a little bit greedy already.

Danny Ainge and the Celtics management should not give in to this request or they might be better off returning a disgruntled point guard back to Cleveland.

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