Coach Doc Rivers Lost his Position as Clippers President,Is he Also in Danger of Losing Head Coach Role?

Clippers slowly changing direction, Doc Rivers demoted 

Coach Doc Rivers Losses his Position as Clippers President , Is he in danger of losing Head Coach position As well?

Four years ago, Doc Rivers was brought in the Clipper land to usher in a new era of basketball with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin leading the team.

Doc Rivers became the head of basketball operations and the head coach of what was called the Lob City. The city was filled with excitement and for the moment the Clippers owned Los Angeles and the Lakers who plays in the same city became just the second tier team.

Clippers, under Doc Rivers management, was a winning team. Unfortunately, it never became a championship team as year after year they fall short against western rivals. With Chris Paul going to the Houston Rockets, the Clippers is once again just another regular team and while they might probably still make it to the playoffs, it is almost certain that they will fall behind again especially while Golden State Warriors is still around.

Clippers have decided to go a different direction

Doc Rivers has been stripped off the role of president of basketball operations but will remain as the head coach of the team.  Lawrence Frank will be stepping in for him and while we have heard that the two have a good relationship together and shared the same vision, we can't help but speculate if the coach they brought in four years ago is already on the hot seat.

Will Doc Rivers be fired?

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