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Fans Ain't Always Right: Trade Stephen Curry and Retain Monta Ellis

Golden State Warriors Fans Did Not Believe in Curry 

Fast forward today, the two time MVP Stephen Curry has given the city two championships and they are in the position to get more. 

2011-2012 season, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry were both donning the Warriors jersey and the Warriors fans are calling them the original Splash Brothers. During their time together, they were probably one of the best back court combinations in the NBA with the more athletic Monta Ellis leading the team and averaging 21.9 points in his last year. 

When Stephen Curry entered the NBA in 2009, Monta Ellis was running the Warriors but in his first year he automatically made an impact scoring an average of 17 points per game and following it up with 18 points in the next season. Stephen Curry has showed consistency in scoring and a glimpse of things to come.  The two guards spent a good two and a half years together with Monta Ellis always getting the upper hand in performance against the younger Curry.

While they are scoring well, their team isn't exactly winning as they hoped so. The Warriors management then decided that they had to make a move and had to make a decision between trading Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis.  In the end, Monta was traded away for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson. The move that angered the fans then but now thankful after Curry carried the team to a couple of championships and making the team one of the most dominant these recent years. From the 2011-2012 season where they ended up with 23W-43L to 2012-2013 47W - 35L record. The Warriors made all the right moves that has set up the team to an even bigger success. 

Where is Monta Ellis?

After being traded from the Warriors, the 31 year old went on to play with three teams spending two seasons each. The Bucks and Mavericks where he averaged about 18 points and the Indiana Pacers were his performance dipped due to injury. Last year, he averaged about 8 points in 33 games. Although the Pacers signed him for four years, he was waived July 7, 2017. He had an injury and got involved with drug related issues. 

Side Note: Klay Thompson was drafted 11th pick overall the same year Monta was traded. 

Will the Warriors ever trade Stephen Curry again?

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