Highlights: Floyd Mayweather Jr Wins via 10th Rd TKO but Conor McGregor Impresses

Floyd delivered as promised and got rid of Conor McGregor via TKO

Although this was one of the most anticipated fight in combat sports history, there were a lot of hesitations and questions from the fans if this would ever live up to the expectations and the hype.

Floyd Mayweather Jr was coming into the fight as the heavy favorite with 49 wins and no defeats under his belt, and while that looks impressive, the fight fans were wary that the fight would be boring as his last mega fights, especially the fight against Manny Pacquiao.

But we were proved wrong as Floyd were true to his promise that he will be more aggressive and will come out forward in the fight.

Conor McGregor, a newbie in boxing but a veteran in fighting was impressive. The two division champ from UFC started the fight fast and furious as he smothered Floyd Mayweather with rapid punches that almost had the boxing fans think that this could be a real fight.

The furious run however faded in the latter rounds as the real boxer took over and dominated each and every succeeding round up until the 10th and final round when Mayweather almost dropped McGregor but was stopped instead by the referee to declare the fight over via TKO in the 10th.

McGregor impressed the boxing Community 

McGregor showed some boxing brilliance early on but was obviously not prepared to go the distance as he was visibly tired and was gassing out against his 40 year old opponent. McGregor showed improved boxing abilities as he threw good combinations and jabs that he doesn't usually do in MMA. Still had a few MMA moments in the fight like when he was throwing hammer punches and when he was going behind the back of Floyd. It was a good think that he never threw a kick. Generally, Conor has impressed and surprised a lot of people in both the boxing and MMA community as he was able to last and trade punches against Floyd.

Still TBE

In the end, The Best Ever won and proved that he is the better fighter and no outsider can beat him in his own game. The win gives Mayweather his 50th win overcoming Rocky Marciano's 49 wins with 0 loss.

After the fight, Floyd Mayweather told reporters that this will be his last fight but we all know that money talks and if something viable comes in, we could see Floyd back once again, after all, he is not called Money for nothing.