Highlights: The Persistent Scorer, No One is Stopping Terrence Romeo from Taking the Shots

From 1/7 FG  to Team Leading Scorer, Terrence Romeo scored 17 points

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Terrence Romeo has a scoring mentality 

Gilas Pilipinas and Iraq was having a bad start as both teams had miserable shooting night in the first half of their match-up. Terrence Romeo was one the players responsible for the shooting slump as he ended up the first half with just 1/7 FG. 

Most players would shy away from shooting in the second half and would accept a bad night but not Terrence. He ended throwing 8 more shots in the second half and taking them during the critical points in the ball game. 

It was a good gamble as he was able to convert them to points and surprisingly ended up as the team leading scorer with 17 points.  Romeo was defiant in accepting defeat and was very confident that he could turn his game around, his scoring mentality paid off as he was able to help his team get past Iraq with the score of  84- 68.

Here are some of Romeo's highlights during the game against Iraq.

Terrence high off the glass layup against defender.

Terrence Romeo Steals and Reversed the shot

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