Mark the Spark is still Explosive, Triangle Offense Ideal for Him - Tim Cone

Old but dependable Mark still performs when needed

37-year-old Mark Caguiao might be in the twilight of his career but he still delivers the goods when needed. Tonight, Mark Caguioa's number was called and the 15 years veteran put on a show.

It was like watching old highlights of Mark Caguioa when he was still in his prime.  The guard scored a total of 16 points on 8 out of 9 shooting in just 13 minutes of play.

Mark Caguioa is explosive,  he is on a roll - Time Cone
Coach acknowledged the performance of his veteran but sighted how they strayed away from triangle offense during the time that Caguioa was on the floor.

I believe that Triangle is ideal for Mark and other players - Tim Cone
Mark's highest point average was the 2006 to 2007 season where he is scoring 24 points per game. His last double figure scoring season was 2013. Today, Mark Caguioa no longer plays as much and it's always a treat when we see the Spark inside the court being effective.

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