NBA Star Ray Allen is in the Philippines!!! Is He Joining LeBron on Saturday?!

Ray Allen Shows up in Manila

Guess who's in the Philippines?

One of the best pure shooters in the NBA and a member of the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat Championship teams is now in the Philippines and it surprised us all.

We know that LeBron James is coming but no one told us that his teammate will be here, too!

Ray Allen now at 42 years old just came from Hong Kong and now is in Manila and it got us all excited when he posted a photo on Instagram to confirm that he is indeed in the city.

Ray Allen was one of the vital players of the two championship teams  he played for.  The 10-time All- Star has played for a total of four teams in his career.  Although he was drafted by the Timberwolves at 5th pick overall, he didn't play for them as he was drafted right after the selection to Milwaukee Bucks. He later played for the Seattle Supersonics then with the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat where he won his two championships.

We certainly welcome Ray Allen in Manila and we do hope to see him around!

Is he one of the greatest shooter in the NBA?

Not Sure
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