Paul George and Lakers Scandal Investigation?!

The Pacers filed an official complaint against the Lakers for Paul George case 

Paul George and Lakers Scandal Investigation?!

The Lakers are allegedly doing too much in order to make some big changes with the team. Lakers' management led by Earvin Johnson is accused of tampering with the Paul George scenario and there was a so-called back contract between the Johnson and Paul George that makes his transfer almost official to the Lakers.

Magic Johnson doing Magic?

The Lakers have been a sub par team for awhile now and really needed to make something happen and the Paul George's acquisition will be one of them. There is now an independent investigation happening and if proven guilty, they might entirely lose the opportunity of signing Paul George at all as a direct consequence among other punishments.

Earlier,  Paul George requested for a trade and said that he will sign up for the Lakers after a season which forced the Pacers to trade him to OKC Thunders for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

What Can you say about this new development?

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