Timberwolves Will not be Shooting a lot of Threes but in Case They Do?

The Wolves' outside shooting could pack a punch?

With Jeff Teague, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, and Karl Anthony Towns leading the pack, the new look wolves may just be one of the top teams to beat this upcoming season.

If you ask me, the starting line up of the Minnesota has never been as good until now. The combination of young and veteran superstars makes them really a dangerous team. Jimmy Butler automatically makes them a super team.

The move of the Chicago Bulls to let go of their main man still puzzles me up to now. Jimmy Butler would easily inherit the franchise player role especially as he is back under the coach of his former coach in Chicago, Coach Tom Thibodeau.

Jimmy was averaging 23 points last season and he attempted an average of only 3 three-pointers and making one of them.  You can say the same for the other players in the starting line up. With teams like the Golden State Warriors making a living outside the three-point area, should it be a concern to Wolves fans that their players may not be attempting enough threes?

Last season percentages:

Jeff Teague - 35.7%.
Jimmy Butler - 36.7%.
Andrew Wiggins - 35.6%.
Gorgui Dieng - 37.2%.
Karl-Anthony Towns - 36.7%.

Average: 36.2%.

Should the Wolves shoot more threes?

I don't care
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