Trade Update: Carmelo Anthony Does Not Want To be Traded with the Cavs Because LeBron Might Go

Brian Windhorst describes the Melo situation as Golden Handcuffs

The Carmelo Anthony trade scenario is not anywhere near its completion. In fact, it just restarted with a new management group handling the negotiations. New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony are in precaution situation as both parties like to ensure that they get a good return for the trade and neither one is giving in.

Melo still wants to be traded to Houston Rockets for the simple reason that it is more attractive and secured to be in Houston with James Harden being locked for a long term and CP3 being committed with the city. Rockets maybe ideal for Melo now and in the future, as it gives him a better chance of winning the elusive championship trophy. The problem is that the Rockets doesn't have anything else to give and no other teams want the expensive contract of Ryan Anderson who is the only player that they can afford to move right now.

Sure, there are other teams that maybe interested in trading for him but Melo already has his mind set at least for now and only wants one destination.

Let's listen in the discussion below.

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