Watch the Disqualifying Foul of Calvin Abueva That Resulted to his Ejection

Calvin Abueva's first game in the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup was short-lived after he lost his cool and headbutted a Chinese player. 

Exactly 1:31, that's how long Calvin Abueva played in the very first game of Gilas Pilipinas after an ugly incident that threw him out of the game for good.

Calvin plays with emotion and a lot of bravado and tonight it did not work out in his favor.  It was a good thing that his teammates were having a great night of shooting. There is also no reason he should act the way he did moving forward as it may result, not only to his ejection but can also cause them the game. He is a critical part of the Gilas Pilipinas roster and losing him will take a big hit against an already undermanned Gilas Pilipinas.

Should Calvin Abueva be suspended or penalized?

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