We Got Dizzy Watching JR Smith Hits 20 Consecutive 3's! Could Be Up for a Bigger Role

With 13 years experience on four NBA teams including New Orleans, Denver, New York and currently with Cleveland, JR Smith had shown that he is a reliable player on the court, especially with scoring.

The 31-year-old however had his lowest output in 11 years averaging 8.6 points. It's his second lowest scoring average since he was a sophomore where he would score 7.7 points in 18 minutes of play.  Last year, he also had his lowest FG percentage in his career at .346.

This season, JR Smith is looking to improve his shooting and based on the video we could be looking at his old form. The shooting guard just might have a better opportunity to take more shots next season especially with the impending departure of Kyrie Irving.

Will Kyrie Irving have a great 2017 -18 season?

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