Baseline 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp Day 2

The aspiring champions of the 3x3 basketball booth camp are back in action! With their fundamentals in mind and their form in check, they arrived at the Ateneo de Manila University courts last Sept 9, 2017, with confidence and anticipation.

What began in day 1 as regular warm-up drills leveled up to a timed endurance test with each participant aiming to beat their previous record. The real challenge started with the in-game application of the fundamentals of 3x3 Basketball. Unlike the usual 5 man basketball play the 3x3 game mechanics move with a clock work faster than any railway train in the country. Starting from a coin toss and with only 12 seconds on the shot clock the first team of 3 players to garner 21 points within a 10-minute time frame wins the game

3X3 Baseline Boot Camp DAY 2 As the clock began to tick the team on the offensive stance were taught to maximize the time and the half court space which principally place them closer to the basket. Strategic passing with mindful dribbling and shooting within proper bounds were taught under time pressure. On the other hand the team on the defense were practiced their reaction time and were trained to steal, block and form a defense that would rival that of Helm’s Deep and as coach John Ramirez instructed it must be a kind of defense prepared to stop even a PBA player.

3X3 Baseline Boot Camp DAY 2 “What separates your practice from the others?” this was one of the questions that former PBA player and UAAP Men’s Basketball Sports Analyst, Christian Luanzon asked in a group lecture. He shared not only his experience in basketball but his life adversities which at a young age he faced without much direction until his mind was renewed and transformed with the word of God and he became Christian not only by name but also in faith. His personal sharing with the team made the campers think that more than just a game, basketball can be a means to serve others and develop a discipline of hard work not by sheer human exertion but through the grace of God. He instilled that why you do something is as important as what you do and thus ending his discourse with the encouragement, “Do everything for the glory of His name”

Triple Threat Manila and its partners; Toby’s, RSR Athletics, Wilson, Sports Hub are thankful for the 2-day Baseline 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp which would not have been a success without the participation of dedicated volunteers and these aspiring pro-athletes (in their respective categories): 

18 and Above: Bryan James Obispo, Dwayne Joshua Rafael, Francis Joseph Grey, Kelly Matt Camorongan, Alexander Dominic Tadeo, Houston Villanueva, Kit Obedoza, Joshua Mutya, Christopher Uy, Joseph Reuben Bautista, Duane Dulay, Christian Arriola 

17 and under: Ryan Adami, Karol Barbadillo, Ncine Pepito, McKen Santos, Rye Jezreel Maverick Garing, John Kenneth Hubo, Carlos Louie Santos, Ray Gabriel Bugtai, Joseph Acuna, Justin Iceley Manansala, Christian Caling, Migo Sulit, Christian Glenn Risos, Daniel Paul Madlangbayang, James Brandon Sangalang, Nicail Pepito. 

As the Baseline 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp ended, the hard earned sweat, improved skills and the character of a determined and humbled athlete were the take home of the campers. Their journey towards their basketball dreams advances on September 16 as they join a sea of players with over 20 teams competing in the exciting sprint like a game of 3x3 basketball in Triple Threat Manila’s 3x3 Ultimate Showdown. The question that remains is: who will reign as champion?

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