Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward Have Something in Common that will Blow Your Mind

Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward will be bleeding green next season

The new players of the Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are expected to lead the team next season.  

Both Kyrie and Gordon was a high valued target acquisition by Celtics and aside from being great players in their own rights which are obviously one of the main reasons why they were brought in to team, there is one rather surprising similarity between the two that you may have never known until now. 

Both players are young and will be playing for their second team next season but it isn't that. Gordon Hayward formerly from Utah Jazz was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 23, 1990. Two years after, in Melbourne, at the exact date Kyrie Irving was born. 

Not that it's a big deal but you can expect a double celebration in Boston between the two best players of the new Celtics team. 

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