Milwaukee Bucks Signed Jason Terry to Another Year to be the Leader

Jason Terry will provide veteran leadership to the Bucks

At 40 years old, there is not much you can ask from the former champion aside from veteran leadership on and off the court.

Jason Terry surprisingly played 74 games last season, the most in his last five seasons. Although he was able to play a lot of games, his output last year was the lowest of his career, averaging only 4.1 points on 43% shooting.

However, there is more to Jason than scoring points, an 18-year veteran who played for 6 teams in his NBA career may have his best moments on the court past him but he is still a critical part of the young Milwaukee Bucks Roster whose age average is only at 25 young.

Aside from occasional three-pointers, Jason Terry will certainly make more impact off the court as he can provide the guidance, experience and the championship mentality.

Jason Terry will be paid 2.3 million as a veteran minimum salary.

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