Not Everyone Starts Great, Look at these 8 NBA Stars

Great expectations sometimes can be hard to reach but these stars continue to strive for greatness.

Some of the NBA stars and legends didn't have a great start in their NBA careers, but great players have something in common. They work hard and improve.

Here are some of the NBA players who either had a great start but never really made it.

8 NBA Stars With Great Rookie Seasons And 7 Superstars With Awful Rookie Seasons

Check out 8 nba stars with great rookie seasons and 7 nba superstars with awful rookie seasons! From some of the best nba superstars of all-time you'd probably expect that they had great rookie seasons, but that's not always the case since a few superstars had absolute awful rookie seasons. Awful rookie seasons from superstars are quite rare and a lot of nba stars had great rookie seasons of course. In this video I will take a look at the best and worst nba rookie superstars of all time!

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