Update: Ginebra's Kevin Ferrer Speaks, After Suffering a Scary Accident Against TNT

Kevin Ferrer says he is okay after falling down face first in the first half of their game against Talk and Text last night. 

Rookie Kevin Ferrer was just warming up and have just played 6 minutes last night when the ugly incident happened. Kevin Ferrer was chasing down the shot of  Mo Tautua from behind but pumped fake by Tautua left Ferrer with no clear landing spot and made him out of balance as he falls awkwardly face first to the hardwood. Kevin Ferrer immediately cringed in pain as he held his face while on the ground.

Ferrer was taken to the hospital later than night as his face has swelled up.

After a few hours, Kevin Ferrer twitted and said he is okay but is still waiting for the official results of the test. We hope everything is cleared.

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