Video: Terrence Romeo's Skills Have Greatly Improved but his Mental Toughness Still in Question

Terrence Romeo a star that needs proper guidance 

Terrence Romeo Skills have greatly improved but his Mental Toughness Still a Question

Terrence Romeo scored 13 points in a must-win game against Blackwater but he could have done more if only he kept his cool and his mind focused on what is at stake. 

A defeat against Blackwater Elite would mean elimination for Global Port for the 2017 PBA Governors Cup. It will also mark their 4-game losing streak. 

At the start of the game, Terrence is looking like his improved self-scoring at will and doing exactly what is expected of the young 25-year old fancy point guard, until the incident with Blackwater import Bill Walker which probably made the Global Port Batang Pier scratch his head in disappointment. 

Watch the video below. 

No matter how many times you watch the video, there seems to be nothing that Bill Walker did for Terrence Romeo to react the way he did. There were also no initial interaction or incident that may have led to his unnecessary actions. 

Romeo was doing well shooting 5/8 and he also got 4 assists, so we are clueless as to why he reacted violently against Walker. According to our sources, he was frustrated and admitted that he got angry because Bill Walker tried to knock him with his hips.

Let's look back at the time when he was the one giving the hips. 

Terrence Romeo is a very talented man and his potential is very high but his mental toughness and focus still needs a lot of work. We know that this ain't the first time Terrence had a meltdown and this attitude is not only going to affect himself but also his teammates. In the game against Blackwater, he could have helped the team win but instead, he was thrown out the court for the not being a sportsman.

Terrence Romeo averages about 18 points this conference, he can consistently score up to 25 points in a single season. He has been the most improved player, an all-star MVP and much more. These accolades are just a glimpse of how great Terrence Romeo is as a player and if you ask me, he will do a lot more if he can control his emotions and maintain his focus. 

Let me leave you with this compilation of Romeo's antics