Ball Scrutiny: 3 Reasons Why Cavs aren’t Playing as Well as Expected

Cleveland Cavaliiers Home Court

The  Cavs threatening roster this season isn’t as explosive as expected? Why is that so? Here are three reasons I noticed.

1 – The ‘Ultimate’ Effect

The lineup of the Cleveland Cavaliers is an ultimate one and no one in the league underestimates the team so, despite the seemingly insignificant season games for they are just the initial ones, any team that happened to face the Cavs always give it their all like it’s a do or die. Their ultimate form had an ultimate effect that pulled the ultimate trigger in the core of every team that tries to hinder their way back to the playoffs.
Their presence is extremely alarming that it lets every player step their game a bit higher than usual just to make sure that they’ll have a chance to oust the most immovable object there is in the east – LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs.

2  – No Simultaneity 

Yes, it is undeniable that their lineup is a huge one but in a game, the regular 48-minute duration would be insufficient for all of them to explode all at once. As a result, only one or two of the stars are having a big game whilst the others are having a really bad one. So despite their very humongous and intimidating set of players, still it will not be as usual as every day that all players will be on top of their games.

3 – Cavs too comfortable

Cavs are starting to slack off, knowing that they have some of the best players the league currently have. They feel that no matter how deep down they’ll be buried, they will find a way to come back up and reign over all other teams. But it's not as though they were the only one that had grown. The Boston Celtics, from which Crowder and Thomas were from is playing a much better season with Kyrie Irving and will surely be the greatest obstacle they’ll face in the eastern conference soon.

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