Ball Scrutiny: 3 Reasons Why Nets Slip Past Cavs 112-107

LeBron James was all out – triple-double performance of 29 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists but still did not suffice the manpower to overthrew Brooklyn Nets. 

LeBron James on the fastbreak attack against Nets

How did the Nets manage to win a battle over King James in full throttle?

1 – Cavs too predictable

With LeBron James going all out during the match, he became the backbone of Cavs in the offensive end, their attacks became too centered on LeBron James, thus as the match goes on, the easier it is to stop the Cavs. Only LeBron and Love scored double digits out of the five Cavs starters.

2 – Low team efficiency

With the Cavs being too predictable due to their offensive focus on LeBron almost all the time it was and will be James who’ll try to score, thus only one man had most of the chances to score. The rest of the team may have had a hard time in trying to find their rhythm. Outside shooters with less time to calculate and calibrate their shots whilst the insiders with fewer chances of testing the stiffness of their inside defenders in the post. With only one man being over explosive, the rest of the team’s offense became static.

Despite the Cavs dominating the boards (61-49), meaning they got more ball possession than Nets, most of it remained as empty possessions, unconverted to points. Teamwork effectiveness was found nowhere and thus resulting in total collapse.

3 – Forced turnovers

All of the reasons including this one has one root – Lebron’s over-effectivity and thus whenever he passed the ball to other teammates,  it’s not as though the rest of the team were ready to attack for they expect him to push his own way through.  Whilst receiving the ball unready, it will be easier for the Nets to force turnovers against them. The Nets got 11 steals compared to Cavs only with 5.

The Cavs team, given that they have really exceptional players with unimaginable power must learn not to rely on these men too much to the extent that they will sacrifice team play and team effort and solely just put everything on the shoulders of just some men. Individual power will never beat an impeccable team play.

Cavaliers VS Nets | Full Game Highlights | Oct 25, 2017 | NBA Season 2017-18 

(video courtesy of YouTube/Ximo Pierto)

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