Ball Scrutiny: Cleveland to Keep their Trump Card Concealed

LeBron James

LeBron James still unable to play for the Cleveland tomorrow due to ankle injury. Is this the only reason why?

Being down 2 losses this preseason,  it is undeniable that the all-new lineup of Cleveland Cavaliers will bring unimaginable devastation in any team they’ll face this season. MVP’s like Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, stars of the league will surely go into a massive supernova this season. Wade, Rose and other key players of the Cavs are already playing this preseason and tasted defeat. It's not as though Coach Ty Lue wants to keep the play of LeBron hidden for the whole world knows what he is capable of. Practically everyone is watching whenever this beast is unleashed.

An addition of a single player spells a huge difference to the play of the whole team. Addition of huge role-players in the team would dramatically change the form of the raging Cavaliers squad. LeBron, aside from suffering from his injury, is not playing in order to keep their full-throttle game unrevealed until it is necessary to be exposed.

The Cavs will pull off a great season, the whole lineup is just as perilous as it may look. Otherwise, it may lead to the collapse of the Great LeBron James Era.

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