Cavs Squander Beyond the Arc – 28% Outside Shooting Equals First Season Loss

Nikola Vucevic blocks LeBron James' fade away

Nikola Vucevic conquered the shaded area, finishing with 23 huge points to lead the Orlando Magic’s triumph over Cavs 114-93.

Cleveland Cavaliers ended up with their first shameful season lost, shooting very poor from beyond the arc, only 7 out of 25 with 4 of it delivered in the final quarter.

But how did these poor 3 point shooting of the Cavs affected the whole flow of their game?

Kevin Love, known to be the Cavs center though he is a power forward in nature, became the Cavs weakest link against Orlando. Love took 5 three point shots but missed it all. His poor accuracy during the game allowed his man, Nikola Vucevic to defend him only from the inside thus, Vucevic did not bother to follow him whenever he breaks away from their battle in the shaded area. The paint was completely covered by Vucevic the whole time, making it harder for the Cavs to score inside.

With the Cavs having a hard time to score from the inside due to failure to isolate Orlando’s defender under the rim, Cavs last resource is their outside shooting which apparently didn’t work out for them also.

All doors closed for Cavs offense to enter. And thus they end up with a heartbreaking loss against Magic, which completely destroyed them in every battle there is in the court.

It was a great job for Orlando, completely shutting down Cavs, Jae Crowder finished scoreless after 19 minutes being on the court. Jose Calderon only with 2 points in his 14 minutes and Dwyane Wade with 5 after 16 minutes of play.


Magic 114 – Vucevic 23, Fournier 13, Augustin 12, Isaac 5, Ross 3, bench – 58

Cavaliers 93 – James 22, Love 19, Wade 5, Calderon 2, Crowder 0, bench - 45

Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights October 21, 2017-18 NBA season

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