Drought Days Finally Over: Sixers' First Taste of Victory

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia Sixers

After being down by as much as 3 loss 0 wins. Philadelphia Sixers finally found their rhythm somehow after a big win against the lossless Brooklyn Nets 133-114.

Philadelphia controlled the boards (52-37) to limit the Nets ball possessions and second-chance points.

Sixers really are on a smooth groove today against their opponent evidenced by their 25 assists compared to Nets with just 16.

Aside from rebounds, Sixers conquered the inside by their pumped-up center, scoring 22 huge points in 15 minutes compared to Nets big man Mozgov with just 2 points with 18 minutes of play.

On the other hand, Nets guard D’Angelo Russell swallowed Jerryd Bayless and Ben Simmons. Russell outscored the 2 guards combined with his 24 point performance compared to the two with 17 points in total.

Yet, the solid inside of Philadelphia prevailed over the raging outside man of the Nets.

Sixers took full control of the first three quarters, then slacking off a bit in the final 12 minutes, Nets couldn’t manage a comeback from a 112-84 crack.


Sixers 133 – Embiid 22, Redick 18, Simmons 9, Bayless 8, Covington 5, bench - 71

Nets 114 – Russell 24, Lin 12, Hollis-Jefferson 12, Carroll 9, Mozgov 2, bench - 55

Philadelphia Sixers vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | October 11, 2017 | NBA Preseason 


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