False Sense of Certainty: Cleveland Unleashes True-Form for a Shameful Loss

The lineup was in a form of a relentless monster ready to crash any team standing on its way. Or so it seemed? 

Lebron taking a jump shot during Chicago Match

Cavs let their true starters play against Chicago Bulls. But it turned out to be a very unfortunate loss on their part, not just because they are now at 0-4, but LeBron and the new superstars in this ‘stronger Cavs’ failed to shake the whole world on their first full-throttle push. 

Despite the miserable-looking outcome, it isn’t that shocking for it also happened with OKC’s big three, Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony when they all had a bad performance with their match against Melbourne United.

Bulls were in control all throughout the 48 minutes, outscoring the Cavs in every quarter. To overthrow the said to be the east’s most immovable object, 108-94.

Kevin Love only delivered one of four of his three-point attempts, and that was his only field goal out of 12 attempts, playing 21 minutes with only 3 points in total.

It is very unlikely for Love to even miss the easy tip shots in the shaded area. Jae Crowder also in the zone of dormancy with 25 minutes of playing time, finishing with only 9 points: as well as Dwyane Wade with 27 minutes, contributing only 4 points with 2 coming from the free throws.

LeBron with 17 points and Rose with 13 points found themselves and their efforts in vain against Rose’ former team.

Chicago Bulls, knowing that Kevin Love frequently goes beyond the arc, and consequently failing to deliver took control of the inside in terms of points in the paint (38-28) and offensive boards (11-6)


Bulls - 108 -, Holiday 28, Lopez 10, Grant 8, Zipser 5, Mirotic 5, Bench – 52

Cavs - 94 - James 17, Rose 13, Crowder 9, Wade 4, Love 3, Bench - 48

Watch the Bulls vs Cleveland full game highlights:

(video courtesy of Rapid Highlights)

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