Ball Scrutiny: 5 Ways for Warriors to Tame the Timberwolves

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What shall it take for the Dubs to shut down the team that's said to be their greatest matchup this season?

With a surprising 2 consecutive loss. What shall the Dubs do to overcome a nightmare?

Dominate the Boards

In their last match, The big men of the Dubs faced a massive malfunction to give the team extra possessions, Pachulia and Green only with 6 rebounds apiece. It is not bad except that their point guard Steph Curry has the same number of rebounds. Timberwolves overthrew them with the offensive boards 15-8, as a result of their poor long-distance shooting and weak inside for rebounding.

Know Main Role

With Steph Curry tying up with his big men’s boards, Curry was not much of a playmaker, having only 4 assists which are puny as compared to Green with 8. Draymond tends to pass more but is unproductive with 24 minutes of play scoring only 5 points.

Every Drop Counts

Warriors only shot poorly from the free-throw line (52%) which is very unlikely for them, they are known for their terrifying shooting capacity yet they are missing a lot on free throws, making the 12 missed free throws could’ve put the game closer as much as 109-111. Freethrow shooting, especially at close games, are vital and missed shots are really fatal.

No Splash for the Brothers

Thompson and Curry shot 50% from beyond the arc, which is their main producing power source. They evidently made few attempts (12 combined) and delivering only 6, which is not as explosive as compared to the Warriors real form. Durant couldn’t carry the game all throughout.

Full Throttle Defense

Warriors poorly defended the Wolves in their last match and as a result, 7 wolves finished the game in double figures. Gibson 12, Butler and Towns 16, Wiggins 14, Bjelica 11, Jones 10, Muhammad 10.

No time to Slack-off

They are the defending Champs for this season, they must equal their rival’s eagerness to thrash them down or else they’ll fall off and before they even know it, the title was long gone and they are out of the chasing game.

(video courtesy of Rapid Highlights)

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